my childhood didn’t prepare me for this post today, is my gift to my father for Father's Day...a thank you note and ode to how this wonderful man helped shape who I am today and made my life picture perfect - he set the bar high.


introducing the new baby

After I had my second son, I thought I was more babies. I thought, "these two are plenty for me and I'm happy to be done with little babies." Then the divorce happened and it was just us three and I was completely happy with this. Then came Erik, my love, that had no children.

the gf

I've contemplated writing this post for months...because there is such emotion behind it that I didn't want it to all be anger and irritation. But here goes...because I want to be honest with what you may go through and real about how flawed I am and how much I wish I could be the "perfect" … Continue reading the gf

my 25,564th word of the day

I've read that men speak an average of 10k words per day and women speak twice that much. Well...I can usually top that each and every day until the day that I started to put together this post.  I got stuck because I didn't know which words to type or how to choose words that would fully explain … Continue reading my 25,564th word of the day