Welcome to my life. My crazy, hockey-filled, smile-filled, giggle-filled, crazy life. Join me on my journey to return to normalcy after breaking free from a dark place known as divorce…or at least as normal as you can be with three kids.


Quotes To Live By

“When life gets hard don’t wish it to be easier, decide to be stronger.”

“Strength is want we gain from the madness we survive.”


In 2014, someone tried to give me hope by saying that once the divorce papers were signed that life would get easier. It’s been years and I’m still waiting for that day.  While I wait for that day, I thought I could share my story, my shortcomings, my failures, and my successes, so that if you are going through anything similar to my roller coaster, you may have a moment of strength and hope and maybe a few laughs (at my expense).


That’s me – up there in the picture with the big teeth. The big teeth that my parents paid a lot of money for and also my favorite feature and the one that I show off as much as I can.  Read more to better understand what’s behind that smile – the laughs, the tears, the hurt, and even more laughs.

the strength of a woman

Women can be intimidating. Women can be soft. Women can be hard. Women can be strong. Women can be funny. Women can be the center of a family. Women can be emotional. Women can be the breadwinner. Women can be the reason that no one forgets lunch and has clean clothes. Women can be the CEO of a company. Women can be the CEO of a household. Women are the backbone of the family. Women are the center of the world.

the power of a word

Social media can be your best friend or your #1 enemy. To cope with the garbage that I’m being put through I’ve decided to be as transparent as possible via social media/my blog. Some may see it as me airing my dirty laundry; some may see it as pathetic; some may see it as a cry for attention; or some may see it as a source of strength because they don’t feel so alone in their journey.

Hockey Sticks & Pink Bows: Our Adventures